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Comparison of synthetic fiber lifting belt and steel wire rope

  • liftool_admin
  • 06 Jul 2023

1. Compared with steel wire rope, synthetic fiber lifting belt has the advantages of light, soft, easy to operate and simple.

2.DL series polyester lifting belt’s breaking strength and safety factor are determined in accordance with the steel wire rope, and the practical application effect is better than that of steel wire rope.

3. Compared with the wire rope, it can effectively maintain the surface finish and shape integrity of the lifting objects.

4.DL series lifting belt can be used in -40~+100℃ temperature environment, can also be used in general weak acid, weak alkali and oil pollution environment, solvent resistance, insect resistance, mold resistance is excellent.

5.DL series polyester lifting belt structure is reasonable, the inner fiber bundle is no joint surround structure, the load is more uniform, the jacket is tightly woven change structure, with excellent wear resistance and softness.

In short, DL series polyester lifting belt fully takes into account the special requirements of safety, through the optimal design scheme, determine the advanced, reasonable and scientific technical standards and production process, and according to the trial repeatedly tested, developed a shaped product. The development and application of DL series polyester lifting belt plays an important role in opening up new application fields of synthetic fiber materials, meeting the needs of hoisting work in various industries and improving the economic benefits of enterprises.