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Final safety check must be carried out before using the Electric Hoist

  • liftool_admin
  • 25 Jan 2024

Though electric chain hoist parts are not fragile, but without proper maintenance and operation can cause problems. Dropped loads are the most safety-related issues when it comes to electric chain hoists of 5 tons and others. Unprofessional operators, inadequate technique, incorrect lifting device, side pulling and overloading might create several difficulties.

So, if you have an electric chain hoist and want to use it in your project, then check the following safety tips to obtain a secure and worry-free experience. These pre- use suggestions will help you in enhancing crane safety and also assist you in avoiding dropped loads.

Read the User Manual With Caution

Your first foremost job is going through the user manual carefully. Read the stated instructions and ensure that you have scrutinized every segment of it. Always remember that to fix electric chain hoists properly, you must study the guidebook thoroughly.

Verify the Settings

After going through the manual carefully, you must ensure that you have fixed the hoist properly. In that case, verify the following things to get a secure operation.

  • Make sure that the electric chain hoist is properly connected to the trolley.
  • Examine whether the trolley is present on the beam or not.
  • Investigate the bolt, split pin and nut carefully, if they are loosely fitted, tight them quickly.
  • Verify whether the push-button cord wire of the electric chain hoist can pull enough loads or not. Besides, check whether the wire has any damage or not.
  • Ensure that the cable support is installed securely on the support arm.

Turn Off the Device While Checking or Maintenance

Before checking the settings and maintenance of the electric chain hoist, turn off the power source and restrain all possible movement of the device.

Specific Tests

Run the below tests before using an electric chain hoist.

  • Power Supply Test

An inappropriate power supply will drive the hook in the wrong direction. Hence, you must check it before using it.

  • The Upper and Lower Switch Test

Before operating the hoist chain, examine if the upper and lower limit switch is working adequately or not. You have to turn on the power switch and raise the hook to check the up limit. Besides, press the down button to investigate the lower limit

  • Falling Brake Test

Lift a medium load and press the down push-button to lift the hook. If the brake stopped the motor from operating immediately and the weight stopped its position, then the failing brake gets installed.

  • Motion Test

Ensure that there are no obstructions while running the hoist chain at the full length of the runway. Besides, confirm that the motion’s travel speeds should meet the intended specifications.

  • Emergency Stop Button Test

Push the emergency stop button while pressing down the button. If the hook stopped operating immediately, then the emergency button is working accurately.

Wrapping it Up

So these are some of the safety checks that you should practice before running a chain hoist. Besides, to get a more fruitful outcome, you must inspect the hoist chain frequently.




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