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How to use the hoist in mine

  • liftool_admin
  • 19 Oct 2023

hoist is a small short distance lifting equipment, can be used in a variety of environments, small today will tell hoist in the mine use must be careful of several matters.

Why do you use a hoist in a mine? It is easy to carry and easy to operate. Can assist the use of personnel to transport the contents of the well to the land, save time and effort. However, the underground use of hoist is not quite the same as the ground use. Due to the special underground use environment, the space is generally narrow and there are many uncertain factors. Accidents may occur at any time if not handled properly.

So how can the hoist be used underground?

The hoist underground operation

The first of course is the hoist before the use of the inspection work.

1. Check the handle itself. All parts of the hoist should be in good condition before it is put into use. If it is found, for example, that the shell is deformed, there is abnormal sound, the parts are loose, and the chain hook is cracked, it cannot be used.

2. Check whether the fixation point of the hoist is reliable. The hoist should be fixed effectively before it can be put into use. Otherwise, if the hoist in the lifting falls off and falls into the underground, it will cause a serious accident.

3. Check whether the hoist is in good condition after fixing it, so as to avoid accidental damage to the hoist due to collision or improper operation when fixing the hoist.

4. Inspection of downhole environment. Underground use hoist originally space is narrow, daylighting is also poor, should ensure the use of hoist space. Clean up the downhole environment as much as possible. Do not appear debris accumulation and other circumstances.

Secondly, the matters needing attention when the hoist is used underground

1. The hoist should be tested on the ground before being used underground. Ensure that the hoist is in good condition before it can be used in the underground

2. See clearly the load of the hoist and do not overload it

3. When the hoist is hoisted underground, no one can stand around the weight.

4. Make sure that one hoist is used to lift an item. It is forbidden to hoist multiple hoist at the same time.

5. When lifting heavy objects by hand, it is forbidden to leave the heavy objects in the air for a long time.

6. Clean up the hoist in time after use. Because the underground environment is relatively wet, there will be water vapor staying on the hoist for a long time. Avoid hoist from rusting.