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Knowledge about Safety Harnesses

  • liftool_admin
  • 18 Jan 2024

When you work in a dangerous industry, it’s important to have equipment that you know will keep you safe if something unexpected happens. You need harnesses that will guarantee your safety on the job without sacrificing comfort.

TEC-UNION  has a full line of fall protection harnesses that give you the highest degree of protection and safety, tested rigorously for reliable use and comfort.

Here are a few things you should know about the quality of your fall protection harnesses.

  • Harnesses Offer Varying Features

Harnesses vary in features and options based on the needs of your work. Some harnesses are designed to be extremely lightweight and easy to adjust for comfort. Harnesses may include features designed for comfort and safety while climbing, such as a seat for work positioning or more back protection.
TEC-UNION can fit you into a harness that will guarantee your personal safety on the job without sacrificing comfort.

  • Fall Protection Harnesses Need Regular Inspection

No matter the type of harness you buy, your fall protection equipment is required by TEC-UNION to be checked prior to every use by a trained user. In addition, ANSI Z359 requires harnesses to be inspected at least annually by a competent person other than the user. Make sure that your equipment is as safe as the day you bought it by inspecting regularly.

  • Fall Protection Equipment is Only as Safe as the Person Using It

If you don’t know how to properly don a harnesses, then you need to have training. Not sure what training you need? We can help you find Authorized and Competent Person training and can walk you through selecting the best class for you and your team.

How We Can Help

As well as offering the highest quality safety harnesses from manufacturers, Make sure your team is as safe as possible. For more information, call us today at 0086-571-87153652/87153650 or email sales@liftool.com.