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Hooks Introduction

  • liftool_admin
  • 01 Jun 2021

What is a hook? What are the types?

The hook is a very common lifting appliance in hoisting machinery, which plays an important role in hanging heavy objects and fixing positions. The lower hook of the chain block is used to pick up and hang heavy objects, and the upper hook is used to fix positions or move heavy objects on the I-steel track with a monorail trolley. The hook material is forged from 20 high-quality carbon steel or special materials for the hook DG20Mn, DG34CrMo, etc, The quality safety factor and static load reach 3 times, which is suitable for factories, mines, petroleum, chemical industry, ship terminals and other sites.There are many kinds of hooks, which can be roughly divided into: eye grab hook, eye sling hook with latch,clevis sling hook with latch ,clevis shortening grab hook ,welded master link ,chain sling G80,eye hoist hooks,eye slip hooks,ect.