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There are three possible causes of lifting machinery accidents

  • liftool_admin
  • 08 Jun 2023

The personnel operating the lifting machinery must pay attention to safety, but there will still be accidents, so what are the reasons? Three reasons: operating factors, equipment factors, environmental factors.

1. The main operating factors are:

(1) Improper lifting mode, lifting chain binding is not strong caused by decoupling, heavy lifting scattered or swinging injury; (2) Lifting blocks and other lifting violations of the operation procedures, such as overload lifting, people in the dangerous area of work caused by casualties and equipment damage, and because the driver does not use the weight limit, limit, brake, or not according to the provisions of the homing, anchoring caused by overload, over hoisting, derailing, tipping and other accidents; (3) Collision caused by improper command and uncoordinated action.

2 Equipment factors are mainly: (1) failure of the sling, such as hook, grab, wire rope, net and other damage caused by heavy objects fall; (2) accidents caused by the failure of the control system of the lifting equipment or the failure of the safety device, such as the failure of the brake device and the impact and squeezing of the heavy object; (3) Accidents caused by insufficient component strength, such as the toppling of the tower crane, are caused by the tipping moment of the tower Ao exceeding its stabilizing moment; (4) Electric shock caused by electrical damage; (5) derailment accidents caused by rail gnawing, excessive wear, or bending of bridge lifting machinery.

3 Environmental factors mainly include: (1) derailment, collapse, tipping and other equipment accidents caused by strong natural disasters such as lightning, gusts, tornadoes, typhoons and earthquakes; (2) Collision and extrusion accidents caused by crowded and disorderly venues;