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Why Choose Drum Handling Slings?

  • liftool_admin
  • 03 Aug 2023

Four Benefits of drum handling slings:

1) Better load control via positive drum engagement

2) Less damage to drums and/or contents

3) Ability to keep drums to a minimum height during transport

4) The ease of efficient drum handling.

Four Risks when handling drums:

1) Non-positive drum engagement:

Placing drums on top of forklift tongs or “grappling” drums under the rim does not provide for positive engagement and/or control of the drum.

2) Handling partially filled drums:

Fluid can “slosh” back and forth resulting in dynamic loading and loss of load control.

3) Handling damaged drums:

Damaged drums do not allow a firm grip between the drum sling tightening band and the drum surface.

4) Transportation of drums:

Uneven surfaces may cause drums transported by equipment to become unstable during transport.