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Will Chain Block be eliminated by the times?

  • liftool_admin
  • 01 Jun 2021

Will chain block be eliminated by the times?

Some people say that now is the era of electrification. Manual lifting equipment will be gradually eliminated by the era and replaced by more fast and convenient electric lifting tools. In fact, many large-scale projects are inseparable from the chain hoist. Although the chain hoist is small and simple in structure, it has large bearing capacity and stable lifting, which can make up for the work that many electric hoists cannot achieve. For example, when the shipyard replaces a large part, the lifting speed of the electric hoist is too fast to accurately align the installation position. At this time, the chain block needs to be used for manual operation to accurately align the installation position of the part.

There are many working places, such as high altitude, outdoor, desert, Gobi, deep mountain and other environments, where there is no electricity. The electric hoist can not work in this environment and can only rely on the chain hoist. The chain hoist gets rid of the dependence on the power supply and is more prominent in the environment without power supply. Therefore, chain block will not be eliminated by the times, but will be used in more industries and fields in the future.