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Wire rope electric hoist accessories inspection specification

  • liftool_admin
  • 01 Jun 2023

We summarized 7 points, hope to play a certain role in your life production:

1 Should first empty machine test, press the control button to see whether sensitive.

2 Then see whether the wire rope can roll smoothly in the guide.

3 Then look at the hook wheel under the electric hoist, whether the wheel is normal rotation, check whether the hook stop plate is loose.

4 Listen to whether there is abnormal sound when the electric hoist is running.

5 Empty car test whether the stopper is working normally.

6 Whether there is a slide when the electric hoist is stopped, if there is, the electric hoist brake fan should be checked immediately.

7 In the daily use of electric hoist production should be electric hoist steel wire rope testing, the national standard is that 3 burrs per meter of steel wire rope should be replaced immediately.

Note: The above 7 items are the inspection items carried out before the use of electric hoist every day, if there is a problem that the user can not deal with, should immediately contact the supplier or manufacturer, shall not disassemble the electric hoist body without approval, should read the product manual before use, shall not use the electric hoist after drinking, and can not stand under the heavy object when lifting.