Drum Stacker DA450A

  • Integrated functions of transporting, stacking. rotating and weighting
  • Gantry made of special-rolled industrial-manufactured C-type steel which is strong and safe
  • Gripper-type structure which is fit for operating with steel oil drum ; Excellent quality oil cylinder maximum lifting height: 1600mm, 180*manual -driving rotation
  • With electronic scale built-in; operational functions include: ZERO,TARE and weighting, of accuracy. +3%o
  • Applicable for chemical plants and food plants for transferring. loading & unloading., charging and compounding materials of fluids, such as dyes , paintings, adhesives, petrol and edible oils etc.
  • Note: Electronic weighting device is built in DA450A-I

Product parameter

Model Capacity(KG) lifting height (mm) tyre size,front (mm) tyre size rear (mm) lnner/outer width of front leg (mm) Min.turning radius (mm) Net weight  (kg) Overall size (L*W*H) (mm)
DA450A 450 1600 150*50 150*50 640/800 1850 180 1500*950*2060