Drum Truck DTF450B

  • Heavy-duty design of 450 KG loading weight; lift with pedals; Ergonomic handle is easy and safe to operate with.
  • Eagle-gripper structure, fit for operating with steel oil drum and PE oil drum.Excellent-quality oil cylinder, maximum lifting height:600mm
  • Automatic clamping tight the oil drum during lifting which is safety and reliable
  • Applicable for transferring, weighting and on and off scale, etc. of all kinds of oil drums.

Product parameter

Model Load capacity  (kg) lifting height (mm) Wheels Dimension  (mm) lnner/outer width of front leg (mm) Net weight  (kg) Overall size (L*W*H) (mm)
DTF450B 450 600 Φ150*50/Φ125*50 920/1140 105 1140*950*1370