Drum Truck HD80A

  • Integrated functions of lifting, transporting, rotating and pouring,easy and convenient to operate.
  • Hoop-type structure which is fit for operating with steel oil drum and PE oil drum.
  • With locking handle, the oil drum is locked and can be easily poured or positioned horizontally or vertically.
  • By releasing locking handle, the oil drum can be rotated in order to stir its content; fit for oil drums of diameter 570-600mm.
  • Applicable for chemical plants and food plants for transferring, charging and compounding materials of fluids, such as dyes, paintings ,adhesives, petrol and edible oils,etc.
  • Note: Pouring height of HD80:350 mm.

Product parameter

Model Load capacity
Ground clearance (Horizontal)
( mm)
Ground clearance   (vertical)
Wheel (front / rear)
Net weight
overall dimension
HD80A 300 350 200 Φ200*50 / Φ100*32 50 1200*800*1200