Electric Platform Trolley

  • The flat panel type is used to design and install fences to prevent overturning skirts. The guardrails are detachable to facilitate the transportation of large cargo. It is warehouses, factories, parks, airports, passenger and freight centers, logistics, and short-distance transportation.
  • Electric cargo flatbed truck adopts high-quality steel plate welding, plastic spraying process, beautiful.
  • Customized size according to customer requirements
  • Color spraying according to customer requirements
  • Customize tires based on customer road conditions information
  • Upgrade the battery capacity according to the customer’s driving distance requirements
  • Motor capacity expansion based on customer load requirements

Product parameter

Model GFL10 GFL15 GFL20
Power unit Electric
Capacity Q(Kg) 1000 1500 2000
Platform Size mm  2000×1000  2000×1000  2000×1000
Height of handle from the ground mm 1100 1200 1250
Driving Motor V/KW 60/0.8 60/0.8 60/0.8
battery V/Ah 60/20 60/32 60/45
Driving speed full-load km/h 25
Wheel base mm 1350
Tire size  3.00-8 4.00-8 5.00-8
Brake mode Mechanical Braking
Type of drive control DC 60V/40A 60V/60A 60V/80A
Range km 20 30 40
Net Weight kg 153 170 205