Electric Stacker CDDYG-E

  • Non-vibration enhanced standard gantry electric stacker
  • Reinforced standard gantry stacker with uniform displacement and no vibration;
  • When the handle is in the vertical state, it can also easily control the vehicle to walk, effectively ensuring that the turning can be realized in the narrow channel and the stacking operation can be carried out;
  • American CURTIS drive controller, American Gates high-pressure oil pipe and external explosion-proof valve structure. The lifting and lowering are controlled by the flow of multiple manual valves.
  • The lifting oil cylinder is designed with a special buffer structure to prevent the gantry from shaking and ensure the safety of cargo lifting;
  • The support leg of the door base is made of solid square steel, which makes the structure of the door frame firm and reliable, resistant to impact and deformation;
  • When the drive wheel cannot work or needs maintenance, it can be easily removed and replaced as long as the fixing screws are removed.

Product parameter

Model CDDYG-E 1016/1020/1025/1030 CDDYG-E 1516/1520/1525
Rated load Q(Kg) 1000 1500
Load center distance C(mm) 450 450
Lifting method Electric Electric
Operating method Walking Walking
Material PU PU
Driving/steering/weight-bearing wheels Quantity 1×+1/2 1×+1/4
Size of load-bearing wheels mm Φ80×60 Φ80×60
Drive wheel size mm Φ210×75 Φ210×75
Steering wheel size mm Φ180×50 Φ180×50
Front wheel spacing b11(mm) 560 560
Rear wheel spacing b10(mm) 760 760
Minimum fork height from the ground h13(mm) 90 90
Maximum fork height after lifting h3(mm) 1600/2000/2500/3000 1600/2000/2500
Outside fork width b3(mm) 320-740 320-740
Inside fork width b2(mm) 20-440 20-440
Single-sided fork dimensions l/e/s(mm) 1150×150×60 1150×150×60
Overall vehicle length l1(mm) 1920 1920
Overall width b1(mm) 945 945
Overall height h1(mm) 2140/1580/1830/2080 2180/1630/1880
Min. turning radius Wa(mm) 1480/1480/1480/1430 1430
Aisle width, pallet1000*1200 mm 2170 2170
Aisle width, pallet800*1200 mm 2220 2220
Max. travel speed (full/no load) km/h 3.5/4 3.5/4
Max. lifting speed (full/no load) mm/s 105/170 105/170
Max. descent speed (full/no load) mm/s 180/170 180/170
Climbing speed (full/no load) % 4/6 4/6
Drive motor V/Kw 24/0.75 24/0.75
Lifting motor V/Kw 24/2.2 24/2.2
Battery capacity V/Ah 2×12/80 2×12/80
Charger type V/A 24/12 24/12
Battery weight Kg 2×18.2±0.5 2×18.2±0.5
Self-weight Kg 360/420/425/455 390/425/460