Electric Stacker CDDYG-II

  • The reinforced standard three-gantry stacker is equipped with a full set of longitudinal and lateral rollers, with uniform displacement and no vibration;
  • Fully free lifting, operation can still be carried out when the working space is highly restricted (such as in a container).
  • Equipped with electronic power steering, American CURTIS drive controller, American Gates high-pressure oil pipe and external explosion-proof valve structure, lifting and lowering are controlled by multi-channel manual valve flow.
  • The lifting oil cylinder is designed with a special buffer structure to make the transition from the rear oil cylinder to the middle oil cylinder smooth, avoid the gantry shaking, and ensure the safety of cargo lifting.
  • The support leg of the door base is made of solid square steel, which makes the structure of the door frame firm and reliable, resistant to impact and deformation.
  • Assembled door-post mechanism with adjustable angle. Equipped with booster cylinder, it can increase the effect of the driving wheel on the ground when loading. After unloading, it can automatically reduce the force on the driving wheel and reduce the wear of the driving wheel surface.

Product parameter

Model CDDYG-II 1530/1535 CDDYG-II 1545
Rated load Q(Kg) 1500 1500
Load center distance C(mm) 600 600
Lifting method Electric Electric
Operating method Standing Standing
Material PU PU
Wheelbase mm 1380 1380
Driving/steering/weight-bearing wheels Quantity 1×+2/4 1×+2/4
Size of load-bearing wheels mm Φ80×70 Φ80×70
Drive wheel size mm Φ230×75 Φ230×75
Counterbalance wheel size mm Φ125×60 Φ125×60
Front overhang mm 670 670
Front and rear wheel spacing Y(mm) 1380 1380
Front wheel spacing b11(mm) 515 515
Rear wheel spacing b10(mm) 645 645
Free lift height mm 1600
Minimum fork height from the ground h13(mm) 90 90
Maximum fork height after lifting h2(mm) 3000/3500 4500
Outside fork width mm 685 685
Inside fork width mm 345 345
Single side fork size l/e/s(mm) 1150×170×60 1150×170×60
Height of roof rack h(mm) 2050
Overall vehicle length (with pedals retracted) L1(mm) 2110 2110
Overall width b1(mm) 880 880
Overall height h(mm) 2050/2300 2050
Overall vehicle height when forks are raised to maximum height h14(mm) 3500/4000 5050
Min. turning radius Wa(mm) 1635 1635
Aisle width, pallet1000*1200 mm 2350 2350
Aisle width, pallet800*1200 mm 2400 2400
Front and rear axle load (full/no load) Kg 420/900,1020/1800 420/900,1020/1800
Front and rear axle load (full/no load) km/h 5/6 5/6
Max. lifting speed (full/no load) mm/s 90-110/135-165 90-110/135-165
Max. descent speed (full/no load) mm/s 300/130 300/130
Electronic steering system Optional Optional
Climbing speed (full/no load) % 6/8 6/8
Drive mode AC drive AC drive
Steering motor Kw 0.2 0.2
Drive motor Kw 1.5 1.5
Lifting motor Kw 3 3
Charger type V/Ah 24/280 24/280
Electrical V/A 24/30 24/30
Battery weight Kg 250 25
Self-weight Kg 1120/1250 1360