European Swivel Jaw and Jaw

  • Swivel fitting is most commonly used for sailing applications.As such the fittings we sell are manufactured using high quality materials that can withstand the rigours of use in a marine environment.Rain,salt water and intense amounts of strain will all be handled with ease.
  • Sizes for this type of swivel fitting range between 5mm and 25mm,so you should be able to order the ideal component according to your requirements.The larger the fitting you select,the greater its load bearing capabilities will be,so always keep this in mind as you browse our line-up.

Product parameter

European Swivel Jaw and Jaw
Size (mm) D(mm) L(mm)
5 5 59
6 6 66
8 8 94
10 10 118
13 13 152
16 16 188
19 19 229