Hand Pallet Truck TBF

  • With copping supporting nog& strengthening ribbing under top triangle cover.
  • Complete pump design with reliable leak-proof pump eliminating maintenance and extending the service time.
  • 210 steering arc, and small turning radius.
  • Fork Lowering speed is controllable, operated by hand control and foot pedal.
  • Equipped with over-load valve, with long service time.
  • Adjustable pump cap ensures a long service life.

Product Parameter

Model TBF
Capacity kg 2500/3000 2500/3000
Lowered fork height mm 85 75
Steeling wheel mm Φ200 Φ180
Fork wheel single mm Φ80×93 Φ74×93
Fork wheel tandem mm Φ80×70 Φ74×70
Max.lift height mm 200 190
Total height mm 1224 1214
Overall length mm 1483/1533/1603 1483/1533/1603
Fork length mm 1100/1150/1220 1100/1150/1220
Width overall forks mm 520/550/685 520/550/685
Ground clearance ,centre of wheelbase mm 40 30
Turning radius Wa(mm) 1216/1266/1336 1216/1266/1336
Service weight kg 60-75 60-75