Hydraulic Integral Puller YL

Hydraulic integral puller is also known as hydraulic bearing puller.

  • Using new type of hydraulic gear puller is convenient for operating.
  • Workers can exchange two jaws and three jaws freely in the scene working.
  • The puller can be touched working center quickly after rotary according to the distance between puller and piston center.
  • The jaws with three can be adjusted from high to low point.

Product parameter

Model Power Spread (mm) Reach (mm) Ares Travel (mm)
YL-5 5T 200 140 50
YL-10 10T 250 160 50
YL-15 15T 300 180 50
YL-20 20T 350 200 50
YL-30 30T 400 200 50
YL-50 50T 500 220 65