Hydraulic Pipe Bender TL0300-1

  • Capable of bending angles from 0°to 90° on pipes ranging from 1/2″to 3″.
  • Cold bending, no pre-warming of pipe is required.
  • Works quicker with the two-speed, heavy-duty hydraulic pumping system.
  • Comfortable working position with the tripod stand.
  • Longer piston stroke per pumping and optimized hand force minimizes operator fatigue.
  • Supplied in a wooden case with a set of bending shoes and service pack.

Product parameter

Model Capacity (T) Module size (inch) N.W. (kg) G.W. (kg) Packing size  (mm) QTY/20GP (pcs)
TL0300-1A 12 1/2″,3/4″,1″,1-1/4″,1-1/2″,2″ 32 34 630x540x180 400
TL0300-1B 16 1/2″,3/4″,1″,1-1/4″,1-1/2″,2″,2-1/2″3″ 57 60 1# 410x300x160
2# 670x610x200