Lever Hoist HSH-M4

  • HSH-M4 Type Series Lever Hoist is a kind of efficient and versatile lifting tool,which is capable of being widely applied in factory,power plants,communication,laboratory,transport and house for installing machines,lifting goods,dragging loads and tightening goods etc.. It is particularly used in the narrow places, the open air and overhead places for pulling and stretching work at any angle with unique superior advantage.This product’s designing is reasonably and capability is wonderful .it is easier to operate,rise more stability,and never shocking than other likeness product.

Product parameter

Capacity T 0.25 0.5
Lift M 1 1.5
Test Load KN 3.06 6.12
Headroom (hook to hook) Hmin MM 215 255
Pulling force to lift full load N 125 180
No.of load chain fall lines 1 1
Load chain (dia.* pitch) MM Ф4*12 Ф5*15
A 75 90
B 116 135
C 41 51.5
D 157 180
E 18 24
E1 15.5 21
Ф 25 32
Net weight KG 2 3.5
Extra weight per meter of extra lift KG 0.35 0.55