Concrete Pipe Clamp CPC

  • Lifting gear for the verrtical transport of conrete pipe and culverts must be very versatile.Most important it must be absolutely safe and easy to handle under even the harshest conditions.

    The Tigrip concrete pipe lifting gear meets all these requirements it is a three-Legged lifting system for the safe and non-marring transport of concrete pipesup to a diameter of 2000mm and a load of up to 3t.The jaw capacity is designed for concrete pipe thicknesses from 40-220 mm.Attachment and removal of the clamps can be done easily due to the handler that have been incorporated into each clamp.
    ●solid construction
    ●type-tested 4 to 1 against breakage
    ●simple and safe handling
    ●large jaw capacity
    ●for heavy duty use
    ●light weight design

Product parameter

Model lifting capacity (KG) Jaw opening (mm) Mouth depth   E(mm) Pressure line  F(mm) D(mm)
CPC5-120 500 40~120 165 100 180
CPC10-180 1000 50~180 245 175 310
CPC10-220 1000 90~220 245 175 310