Permanent Magnetic Lifter PML – I

Construction: Two-magnetic circuit lifters have strong magnetic path by NdFeB magnetic materials. On and off the magnetic path is controlled by turning the manual nozzle. Higher magnetism. less weight and less remaining magnetism when being off, which makes a more reasonable structure. Especially for handle, its new designs enable its damper strength on operating is only 30%-40% compared with the single-magnetic ones. Thin magnetic-inductive material can also be lifted as long as their thickness is more than 5mm.As a result, they are in a more widely use than single-magnetic circuit lifters. Specially used in thin plate.
Safety factor:3:1

Product parameter

Model PML-I3 PML-I6 PML-I10
Rated lifting strength (kgf) 300 600 1000
Cylindrical lifting strength (kgf) 100 200 300
Max pull-off strength (kgf) 900 1800 3000
Dimension(mm) B 133 162 191
L 163 233 302
H 58 74 91
R 220 284 324
Operation temperature (℃) <80 <80 <80
Net weight kg 10.5 22 38