Truck Winch PT

  • 1)Electric winch is widely used for pulling stuck vehicles and other heavy items.
    2)12v DC powered for convenient use without extension cords or small gas engines.
    3) Permanent magnet DC motor or wound motor with the feature of high torque and speed.
    4)Specially designed planetary gearing for heavy duty and solenoid control box supplied.

Product parameter

Model Rated single line pull
Control Cable (Dia.×L) Overall Dimensions
Mounting Bolt Pattern
Packing Size
packing qty
PT13000 13000 4.0kw/12V, 4.8kw/24V Remote switch, 12ft(3.7m)lead 9.5mm×26m 540×160×218 254×114.3 39/41 57×19×34.5 1PC/CTN
PT15000 15000 4.2kw/12V, 4.6kw/24V 11.0mm×28m 547×180×247 254×114.3 53/55 60×23×38.5 1PC/CTN
PT16800 16800 4.2kw/12V, 4.6kw/24V 11.5mm×28m 547×180×247 254×114.3 54/56 60×23×38.5 1PC/CTN
PT20000 20000 5.5kw/12V, 4.8kw/24V 13.5mm×30m 565×310×280 254×114.3    254×194.3 52/54, 85kg(with cable) 60x38x40(without cable)  46x46x15(cable) 1PC/CTN